Archèometre – the Singles

Today Another Fall From Grace happened while you were sleeping.

24th of May, a real MetAmorPhosis of Life into the realm of reality.

For you to Breathe again using the Purest of your senseS. The one that gather all vibrations of Life. All these molecules of the Air we breathe. All the atOms that are going through your veins, but not in vein.

The oxYgen bringing a neW Life to your cells to rejuvenate all the ancient needs. 

The Ancients knew the way to heal. Now the music awaits you to wake up again to meet ASHTAR.

Bring your Body Close. Open it to the vibes of the Stars.

Today a new Mission awaits U.

U are the Light… bring the energies out of your spine and deep go your way through the Universe.

Within the Atlantis, Meditate or Radiate towards the pure vibration of Love with Ashtar.

They were waiting for you.

No Divine Intervéntion

U R T 1

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